Perfect Your Lighting for Stunning Photography!

Looking to determine the best modifier for your photography without breaking the bank?

Witness the results of an extensive beauty shoot in which every single modifier was put to the test. With over 20 modifiers used, including softboxes, octaboxes, flooters, snoots, parabolic umbrellas, and Pulso Spots, we explore the pros and cons of each.

With a focus on hard and soft light, contrast, skin tone and texture, shadow sharpness, catchlights, and crispness, we present over 40 unique lighting effects. Don't miss out on this comprehensive demonstration.

Lighting the shot

So. Many. Modifiers.

A truly epic shoot

Our intrepid model Brittany was photographed over a span of two days, using every single modifier in the studio. The process was intriguing, as we witnessed the varying effects that were produced by transitioning from one modifier to the next.

It is worth noting that certain modifiers possess the ability to create multiple effects, contingent on the manner in which they are adjusted. As an example, parabolic umbrellas possess three distinct positions, including hard, soft, and mid, all of which provide a slightly different ambiance.

Setting up the trampoline and lighting on location

Para 222 in the 'soft' position

The Lighting Comparison Tool

After concluding the photo shoot, our next task was to compile all the captured images and create the Lighting Comparison Tool. Our tool features a side-by-side display for head-and-shoulder as well as full-length shots, making it convenient to compare the effects of various modifiers.

Thanks to Britt's consistent poses, our Lighting Comparison Tool gives off the feeling of trying out different presets or filters in post-production. However, in reality, the tool presents authentic differences in lighting captured directly through the camera.

The final fashion image

Bare bulb vs Para 88 in 'hard' position

The final fashion image

110 deep umbrella vs Pico Fresnel


STOP wasting money on wrong modifiers!

Explore the potential of light in your photography with our versatile tool. With 44 modifiers at your fingertips, gain comprehensive insight into their impact. Simply select, click, and zoom to compare the results (Both headshots and full-length body shots).
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  1. This section is about choosing the best light modifier for your photography and it has a link to a handy comparison tool that I really like. However, it seems to be focused on how to choose the best light modifier for this specific subject or similar (a flawless female model). A visual aid like this for subjects better suited to a different set of modifiers would be killer. Just within the realm of portraits, you’ve got male models, elderly people, children, highly blemished skin, highly wrinkled skin, and so on. I suspect a Para 133 or hard beauty dish, for example, is going to hurt more than help when used on a lot of everyday people, correct?

    I think exploring this would be very helpful to many users, because most people who are learning probably do not have access to every modifier, and are probably not booking models.

  2. johnleigh

    Ive only just seen this post and video I somehow missed last year!
    Having watched the whole thing and played with the results in the visualiser tool it was great to see this and the work that went into producing.

    Im a speedlite guy due to space, budget etc at a small home studio and appreciated seeing the look and feel of the different modifiers like this — im guilty of aqcuiring multiple softboxes, umbrellas, snoots, fresnel so have plenty to work with but always dithering when i have a model in front of me because I want to use them all still .
    Most actors and models want a “variety” of looks so I do end up using several – in some ways I wish I could just focus on one or two but on the other hand I love mixing it up.

    Finally, seeing your comparisons is more than super helpful as not only great to see those results and looks, but that its confirmation that even with my modest and smaller size gear and setup I can obtain similar results

    1. Great to hear John hopefully it will also be a useful future reference. We are going to expand the app out into other genres too.

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