'Blue' Competition Winners

Here are the winners of our 2021 'Blue' photography competition.

As always, we were blown away by the quality of the images we received – in fact, more blown away than ever before! Selecting winners from such a strong field was tough, and everyone fought hard for their favourites.

In the end, after much energetic discussion, we settled on three prizewinners and six honourable mentions.

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to our winners and an even bigger THANK YOU to everyone who entered!

First-prize winner Tristan Wan will receive a Broncolor Siros Lighting Kit (valued at $4,751). Second prize, a LEE Filters Big Stopper ($120), goes to Ahmed Fahmy. In third place, Krzysztof Czernecki wins a Karl Taylor Technical Lighting Pack.

1st Prize 


1st Place: Tristan Wan

This exquisite image not only represents the theme of ‘Blue’ through its colour palette, but also through its sombre atmosphere. The haunting depiction of two cars passing one another instils a distinct sense of loneliness. It offers a metaphor for our modern digital social world, in which we communicate via super-fast information ‘highways’, yet remain as disconnected as ever.

Here is Tristan with his prize: a Broncolor Siros Lighting Kit.

2nd Prize

Lee FIlters Big Stopper Prize

2nd Place: Ahmed Fahmy

What an incredible capture – perfectly timed, with the aesthetics and shape of the dolphin and water all conspiring to captivate the viewer. The droplets of rain or splash from another dolphin further enhance the atmosphere. I particularly like the backlighting, the rim lighting on the dolphin skin, and the highlight from the sky in the dip of water in the foreground. The shot also encompasses a sense of motion, as recorded in the water and droplets; but the key subject of the dorsal fin remains sharp. And of course, the ocean, the colour and content all align perfectly with our theme.

3rd Prize

Lee FIlters Lighting Gels Technical Pack Prize

3rd Place: Krzysztof Czernecki

This impressive, abstract, criss-cross arrangement of four blue-paint tins captures our attention and draws us in. The optical illusion is enhanced through the gradation of blue tones. The overall exposure is beautiful, while the softness of light and shadow create a soothing feeling enhanced by the smooth flow of the fluids.

Highly Commended

These shots didn't quite make it into our top three, but still impressed us enough to be shortlisted.


Aiden Hughes

A stunning advertising and product image that relates exceptionally well to the theme of blue. The shot is very well executed. In terms of feedback, my only advice would be that the bottles’ liquid glow could be elevated slightly and the foreground Bud Light label should be the brightest in terms of exposure.


Ethan Davis

A superb image that encapsulates the theme very well and achieves the highest standard of advertising photography.


Aquilino Paparo

This well-executed product image certainly ticks the boxes for the theme of blue in colour, as well as via the brand.


Ivo Pogorelcnik

I really enjoyed this unique and playful interpretation of the theme. The clever use of shadow, texture and surfaces framing the ‘blue’ elements of the picture make for a visually stimulating photograph.


Mark Gilchrist and Oliver Ayerle

Two similar approaches to the theme, two interesting images worthy of praise. In Mark’s shot (top) I prefer the feeling of the fluid, while in Oliver’s (bottom) I prefer the contrast and strength of brand.

Your next chance to win

Karl Taylor long exposure filter kit

Our next competition closes on 31st March 2022

Theme: Two

  • First Prize: Apple Watch plus bonus strap (Value $400)
  • Second prize: LEE Filters Big Stopper (Value $120)
  • Third prize: TBC 

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Good luck!

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  1. Krzysztof Czernecki

    Thank you Karl, especially for exceptional description of the image.
    It just shows how years of experience lets you easily read image and “deconstruct” in detail initial brief that I created for myself based on the theme .
    Again, I’m really honoured to be in a winning three,
    Congratulations to all participants and winners !

  2. Gary Stasiuk

    Must have been very difficult to choose. Congrats to the winners and the six honourable mentions. Great work

  3. Really awesome images here, well done! Love the concept of Krzysztof’s especially, and also Ivo’s approach – really neat and different! 🙌🏻

    1. Hi Sharon, glad you like the results. We have a lot of great entries so it’s always difficult for the team and I to come to a conclusion!

  4. Wow! am overwhelmed!
    I would have never made it without the solid concepts and knowledge that you deliver on your platform.

    thanks dear Karl for being such a great mentor!

  5. Thank you for the honourable mention of my image.

    Unfortunately the logo was white.

    But thanks to karl for mentioning me.

    Congratulations to the winners

  6. Curious about 3rd prize image from Krzysztof Czernecki. Are these really paint cans? Could be metal reinforcement rings in fabric. Let us know Krzysztof!

    1. Krzysztof Czernecki

      Yes, that was real paint. Composited from few shots. First shot empty cans on a flat lay on painted background, then made a rig to pour paint through back of the can until I can capture perfect flow, then that flow was composited in four times with attention to direction of imaginary light source so reflections on liquid match and also reflections of paint on each other including a bit of color reflection on the flows and in the shadows. Then layered the tins and flows as one and created the shadow layer to composite it in.

      1. Thank you far taking the time to reply in such detail. Congratulations on a well conceived and executed shot!

  7. Well done and congrats to all. I really like Krzysztof’s image. Beautiful.
    Is there a gallery where we can see all the entries?

  8. This is amazing news, thank you to Karl and the whole team at Karl Taylor Education!
    Congrats to Ahmed and Krzysztof on their photos and also all the incredibly executed Highly Commended mentions.

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