Ginger and Lime Tea Preparation

Together with food photographer Anna Pustynnikova, Karl demonstrates essential preparation, styling and lighting techniques for eye-catching food photography.

In preparation for the next shoot, Anna explains how to make a ginger and lime tea and how best to shoot liquids, touching on using natural light to photograph, items you can find around the house to use as backgrounds and how to create a feeling of warmth in a photograph.

In this food photography class we cover the following:

  • Product Photography: Food Photography
  • Preparing ginger and lime tea
  • How to use natural ingredients as props
  • Using household items for creative backgrounds
  • Explanation of using natural light for food photography
  • How best to store food prior to preparation
  • Selecting suitable props for photographing liquids

You can read more about Anna and her work in our blog post as well as watch her amazing live show here.


  1. Hi Karl from where I can buy this Amazing Props (wooden trays , wooden boards, spoons & knife).
    I tried lot to get it from offline store or online site but I didn’t found a nice one like you used in most of your shoots.

        1. Hi Mohit! The big wooden background I have ordered from this supplier @foodphotoprops. They can deliver it worldwide as far as I know. The honey stick is from Crate and Barrel The big wooden bowl I’ve bought at but they are closed now. You can search for it in other shops, it was “Walnut Wood Bowls”. This tray and small wooden bowls I’ve bought on Bali in the souvenir shop. If you like dark wood you can try to search for made of walnut items. I’ve also bought a couple of things made of olive wood from this shop . Also check Asian wooden items at In fact it’s not easy to find everything you need at once ;))) if you go anywhere always visit local stores cause there you can get real treasures. Hope it helps!

  2. Thanks for the Berries Tutorial and all the Stylish tips that Anna give us ,because the smallest details in such tiny products or food have a big impact in the final results,,also Karl thanks for the explanations and the several shoots changing the lightest up ,. the comparison of shoots with different lights set ups was very interesting for me, and how changing the light change the mood of the picture from sunny day to maybe a cloudy one..with different sizes of shadows…Thanks a lot.

    I like that you always comments the settings used to shoot specially f (DOF) because some clients are very picky with that.

    1. Hi Maria, thank you for your comments. You will be pleased to hear that Anna will be back with us very soon to film a whole new batch of food tutorials.

  3. Really like the fact you guys are enjoying yourselves in this one. Brings a nice touch of humanity to the learning experience!

  4. LOL… love watching you both laugh from time to time. Looks like you had fun with this one! You both have a great chemistry together. Really enjoying this course so far!

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