Dessert Photography: Raspberry Dessert Preparation

For this food photography class Karl works with food photographer Anna Pustynnikova  to prepare a raspberry dessert. Together the pair demonstrate essential preparation, styling and lighting techniques for eye-catching food photography.

Anna provides useful tips for preparing this beautiful dessert, including selecting the best dishes, suitable setting agents for food photography and alternative ingredients for this particular recipe. After watching how it’s done, Karl then tries his hand at food styling.

In this photography class we cover the following:

  • Product Photography: Food Photography
  • Preparation of a raspberry dessert
  • Useful equipment for food photography
  • Selecting suitable dishes and props for food photography
  • Working with dairy products for photography

You can also watch Anna’s live show — watch it now.


  1. Gary Stasiuk

    Anna mention something about using gelatin when shooting cocktails (?) to help when you want the colours to maintain their layers.. did I hear that correctly? Are there any other little tricks to help maintain those preferred states of presentation a little longer while you are building your setup for a shoot?

  2. This is an excellent dessert prep course. I love to cook and I love photography but have never tried food photography. I’m quickly learning that the prepping of the food is as important as placement and lighting. After chilling the dessert to settle the cream cheese, do you encounter condensation on the glass? If so how do you combat this before shooting?

    1. Hi Geoff, yes we experienced problems with this, I think Anna showed her removing it in one of the videos, she had to let it stand for a while and then wipe away, alternatively shoot in a super cold studio! 🙂

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