Dessert Photography: Raspberry Dessert Photoshoot

Karl teams up with food photographer Anna Pustynnikova to create this simple yet irresistible image of a raspberry dessert, demonstrating essential preparation, styling and lighting techniques throughout the shoot.

After testing various compositions and lighting combinations, Anna goes for a simplistic style for this close-up image, but Karl opts for a more intricate lighting setup to really emphasise this beautiful dessert.

In this photography class we cover the following:

  • Product Photography: Food Photography
  • Working with multiple light sources
  • Simulating sunlight using studio lights
  • How to emphasise shape and texture
  • Testing different lighting combinations for various effects

Don’t miss Anna’s live show — watch it here.


  1. GuillermoEstudio

    I loved this class and most importantly of all, how the different ways of placing the light gave various styles to the photo.

    What type of mirror was used to serve as fill light?

    1. Hi and thank you. At what time in the video please was the mirror used and then I will take a look and check what type it was for you.

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