Dessert Photography: Raspberry Dessert Photoshoot

Karl teams up with food photographer Anna Pustynnikova to create this simple yet irresistible image of a raspberry dessert, demonstrating essential preparation, styling and lighting techniques throughout the shoot.

After testing various compositions and lighting combinations, Anna goes for a simplistic style for this close-up image, but Karl opts for a more intricate lighting setup to really emphasise this beautiful dessert.

In this photography class we cover the following:

  • Product Photography: Food Photography
  • Working with multiple light sources
  • Simulating sunlight using studio lights
  • How to emphasise shape and texture
  • Testing different lighting combinations for various effects

Don’t miss Anna’s live show β€” watch it here.


  1. Great episode Karl. The styling is the thing that intimidates me the most about food photography. On a side note, I’d love to see a demonstration of photographing ice cream in studio sometime if you felt so inclined. It could be because of the horrid heat as of late that I want to see that though.

  2. DavidMorgan

    Fascinating how you brought this shot to life, through careful lighting. This aspect is a real learning point for me that I must work on turning into reality in my own work.

  3. Hi Karl,

    I always want to ask this question but kept forgetting.

    When I watched your video for shooting anything of your website and when you pressed your shutter speed, there was a flash light lit up your room. Is that a flash or something other lightings that you have not mentioned?

  4. Karl,

    Is it better to use the full frame dslr or mirrorless full frame (such as cannon RP) for food photography. I notice that food product photographers usually use a regular full frame dslr. Please advise. Thank you and hope to hear back from you soon.

  5. Great video, I’m happy I Joined, cant wait to see all the other videos..

    My question:
    If i don’t have a stripbox, can I get away with covering side of my big softbox with a black cardboard? or the way my flash won’t be centered will cause a problem?

  6. Hello Carl. I have a question. I don’t own (yet) an octabox. Could I reproduce that type of light maybe with a silver umbrella and a scrim? Or with a 50*70 softbox with a round translucent reflector/scrim from a further/closer distance? Surely it wouldn’t be the same but can I come close to the result of a large octabox with what I have?

    1. Hi, you can always come similar to the result by creating a similar shape through a scrim just remember that you will however lose a lot of your light power as it is not contained or directed efficiently through a scrim and much of it will bounce away into the studio. A softbox restricts the lights energy from only coming out the front of the softbox.

  7. You guys are both fantastic! I really enjoyed watching this course. Very inspired by styling and lighting which I will try in my food photography. Thank you!

  8. When I take photos of products, sometimes when I edit I realize that it lacks some light, I usually guide me with the histogram so everything is as right as possible, Is there any way of knowing how much light reaches the object is enough? Thank you

    1. Hi Justiniano, the best solution for product work is like in this tutorial, use a tethered set up and examine the images on a decent screen.

  9. Excellent demonstration of light and shadow control. I’m glad you demonstrated the two types of lighting scenarios. I hope you can schedule Anna for a live shoot or another workshop sometime. Very inspiring!!

  10. Love this…….. Details ! Plus you have patience like me, I can see it. Great Video.
    Thank you

  11. Hi Karl, Can I ask where you get your scrim paper rolls from? It’s one this I just can’t seem to find anywhere.

  12. Hi Karl. May I ask you how much Anya ask for her work? For istante, for a food photo for a magazine… How much should I make me pay?

    1. Hi Micaela, as I mentioned in my previous answer this varies greatly you need to check our business course for more answers on how to price your work.

  13. Great video. Two different styles, two great results.
    Thanks for sharing.

    (All we need now is an ‘twelfth’ light just to fill this little area…haha πŸ˜‰

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