Posing Your Subjects: Single, Couple or Group shots

In this photography class you’ll learn the fundamentals of posing your subject, why it’s so important and a few go-to ideas for posing individuals, couples and groups.

This class is dedicated to Karl’s’ top tips on how to pose your subject as he takes a closer look at why he poses his subjects in certain ways.

With some behind the scenes footage from this Natural Light Photography Course you’ll be able to gain new insight into how Karl communicates with his models and how the smallest adjustments can make a big difference to the final image.

In this photography class we cover the following:

  • Portrait Photography: How to pose your model
  • Posing tips
  • How to make your subject feel comfortable during a photo shoot
  • How to give creative direction
  • Tips for posing family groups
  • How to pose couples


  1. This is my maiden Visual Education course I’ve taken. I think it was very enlighten and educationtal.
    I’m a 76 year old man trying start out in the professional photography business . I love how Karl talks this reminds me of my father who was born and rise until the age of 12. He’s was from Glasgow Scotland..
    I look forward to the next class.

  2. These tips are important … they are the basis of everything, and not all photographers are honest enough to share them. Karl , couple shooting using a flash, would it totally change the look? because this natural light is only at a certain time and it changes a lot, so maybe we can get even more creative?? Thanks

  3. Many times posing the subject is nightmare, because if posing is not good except everything else is good also, the photograph doesn’t. look appealing.

    This session helped me a lot and instilled huge confidence.

    Thanks a lot

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