Creating a 3D Model – Wine Bottle

In this 3D modelling class, you’ll learn how to create a simple 3D model of a wine bottle in Cinema 4D.

Viktor demonstrates each step of this process, from importing a reference image to sourcing textures and creating your own model using the spline tool and lathe modeling tool. You’ll learn the process of creating a 3D model from scratch and how to make it as realistic as possible using the available tools in Cinema 4D.

In this class:

  • How to create objects in Cinema 4D
  • Modeling a wine bottle in Cinema 4D
  • Sourcing and importing 3D models/textures from online libraries
  • Model quality and polygon counts
  • Spline tool
  • Lathe modeling tool
  • Organising objects using null objects
  • Extrudes – mesh selection
  • Refining edges – Bevel and chamfer

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  1. I am seeing this software for the 1st time. I just want to know can anything be made in cinema 4D or Maya? Actually what I want to know is if cars , Interiors and products everything can be made in this.
    Actually I was very impressed with the automobile photography and Product photography tutorials. Infact I was planning to buy high end equipment’s so that I can do work in your level, make my portfolio and approach big advertising agencies in India for work. But after seeing this software and some websites like Shutterstock I have started getting a feeling that a huge investment in equipment’s may not be wise because now a days agencies are downloading stock images of splash, smoke and just with a white background product shot they are transforming it into beautiful images. So if I make a big studio with power packs and other attachments may be ill not get work as any car or product company will tell that they have all their advertising images ready even before the actual production of the product.
    I have seen your interview on Future of Photography also.
    So now the question is is it advisable to keep a basic studio , which I already have and concentrate on low budget ecommerce photography, 360° photography and not plan to make a big investment on equipment’s.
    Yes ofcours for portrait photography, celebrity portrait photography for advertising will remain, but the is the golden days of commercial product photography as a business is over.

    1. Hi Igosh, 3d studio max, maya, cinema 4d, blender – there are lots to choose from and all of them can render incredibly real images but only if two factors are considered. 1. The model and texturing are excellent 2. You have excellent lighting skills. Lighting in the 3d world is the same as the real world (except you can make lights invisible or put them in front of camera etc) So there are lots of possibilities for great product work but that doesn’t mean it is quicker or better. Often I have clients who don’t want CGI because they think it looks artificial or just doesn’t feel right. Product photography will be affected the most (cars already are) but other forms of organic things like food, fashion, beauty, portraits, landscapes, location architecture etc will all require photography forever as far as I can see.

      1. I see, just grab the exact one from you website, hope you don’t mind.
        By following the tutorial, I have trouble spiting the label since Viktor has his own shortcut menu. Could you advise me how to get to that “wine bottle.1”?

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