Adding Texture to 3D Models – Wine Bottle

Having completed a basic model of a wine bottle using Cinema 4D, Viktor moves onto the rendering stage of the 3D modeling process.

He gives an overview of using Arnold render software in conjunction with Cinema 4D and how to use it to finalise your 3D models. He explains IPR setup, render settings and how to add texture and shading to the different elements of the bottle.

In this class:

  • 3D rendering software
  • Arnold renderer
  • Arnold Interactive Preview Render (IPR)
  • Render settings
  • Arnold shader network — view, modify and create shader nodes
  • Material editor
  • Adding textures and shading to 3D models

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  1. Finally finished this course. Really fascinating work! I really hope you and Viktor can make advanced course on CGI in the future but I can see the difficulty of it because there’s so many tools and functions and so many things to do with it!

    Verdict: I loved all of the CGI courses and especially I loved Viktor tries to explain such complex things refer to something that I’m familiar with, which is Photoshop. And I loved Karl tries to explain Viktor’s explanation little bit more easier to understand as non-native english speaker. Without you guys, I had no clue about CGI. Thank you. and please make more detailed CGI course in the future It would be wonderful.

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