Advanced Studio Kit for Product Photography

Getting serious about product work? Check out these pro-level tools.

As you progress with your photography you may find it necessary to use more advanced equipment. Perhaps you’re struggling to ensure perfectly colour accurate images, capture greater depth of field, or create tiny, controllable patches of light…

Having worked as a commercial photographer for 20+ years, Karl shares some of the specialist kit he, and other professional photographers, often use for product shoots.

In this class, Karl discusses these various bits of equipment and why they’re useful. He also explains some budget alternatives to some of the gear shown in this tutorial.



    I can’t find online the Godox 1 and projection attachment from this video, can you give me the names please?

  2. I aspire to work as a freelance product photographer, and I’m learning so much already and I just started with the classes! Thank you for creating this platform.

  3. Hi Karl,
    Enjoyed this “Getting Started in Product Photography”.
    Your classes/ tutorials are crystal clear. Each time I learn something.
    What I also like is your practical approach and solutions towards problems.
    Best, Bastiaan

  4. You mentioned using a view camera. Still have my Sinar P2 in both 5×4 and 10×8. Also Hasselblad 500CM and 205TCC. DSLR Canon EOS 1DX Mark II is a very nice camera but honestly I still enjoy my film cameras much more. Broncolor Pulso A4 pack’s have two with five lights and numeruous modifiers.

    Retired from aerospace engineering and now wanting to turn a serious hobby into a profession. Have reviewed many U-Tube video’s by various commercial photographers but I can tell you that your classes are the very best. Think part of the reason is we both have started with film.

    Thanks Karl, enjoy all your classes.

    David Cole

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