Apple Watches CGI (Part 2)

In this Blender product CGI class, Ethan Davis continues to work on his CG Apple watch image, which he started in Part 1.

Having selected which straps to use, Ethan positions and tweaks them to make them as photorealistic as possible. Then it’s time to work on the watches themselves.

As you follow Ethan through his creative process, you’ll see him demonstrate how to apply subdivisions, make changes to particle systems, add texture using number and UV maps, and more.

With the watches modelled and positioned, Ethan moves on to lighting the image, offering you a set-by-step masterclass in CG lighting techniques. With the lighting perfected, all that remains is to check and render the final image.

Ethan then sits down with Karl so that the pair can compare Ethan’s CG render with Karl’s photographic version.

Ethan’s simple instructions will quickly boost your Blender skills and help you to achieve your own stunning CG renders.

If you’d like to follow along with Ethan, you can acquire similar Apple Watch models here and here.

Questions? Please feel free to ask them in the comments section below.


  1. Hi Karl, thank you for your reply. The platform does not let me respond to the last message you have sent me, it is as if the option that I can respond to you has been deactivated, that is why I respond to this comment although I am going to answer it is about the last comment you have made to me. A suggestion and a doubt.

    – Suggestion: Why use licensed models (in the case of the watch and I do not know if in the following exercises also) when there are models without a license or can be prepared for the course and thus be able to use it the students? In all the courses it works like this, for the textures it applies the same, there are countless websites with free high quality textures, you would not have any problem.

    -Doubt: In the following classes, we will not have models and textures either? Will it only be the lighting section? Thank you.

    1. Hi Kepa, we have to use licensed models as it is too time consuming and inefficient to build every model from scratch. The purpose of our classes has been to give our customers the experience of building some models themselves and to become familiar with purchasing models. Where we have built the models ourselves (such as the Apple watch) then we will supply them. I’m hoping that the textures used are relatively easy for someone to re-create in PS and maybe we should look at some new classes showing how to do that, so I will speak to Ethan on that. I think Ethan built the models in the following classes such as the Farenheit and Dior as these were easy to build and he also shows how to do it. So members can follow along on how to build them or use the ones that Ethan built. I will check with Ethan that we have this ready for when those classes are released. All the best, Karl.

  2. Please, for future videos, would it be possible to cancel the sound of people talking in the background? It is very annoying to have to attend to him and hear voices in the background, especially if you listen with headphones.


    1. Hi Kepa, our apologies if you found this distracting, this is not usually a feature of our classes but as you may be aware on this occassion Ethan and I were doing a comparison against each other so I was shooting the apple watches in camera while he was creating them in CGI, in doing this we were able to produce two classes, one on the CGI and one on the photography with both of them being available for you to watch.

          1. Hi Karl, no. In the first video (min 22:07 onwards) Ethan says that on the website, the 3D model made by him, will be put for the download and to be able to do the exercise in which he works of the Apple Watch, necessary to be able to follow the class, later (min 40 onwards) indicates that the links from where the textures and maps have been downloaded will be put. I can’t find any files to work with, nor the links I’m referring to.

            That’s what I mean Karl.

            Thank you.

          2. Hi Kepa, OK I’ll get someone to look into that and reply to you. Ethan also monitors the comments here so he may reply to this point.

          3. Hi Kepa, I’ve spoken to Ethan. We can provide the Apple watch models because Ethan built those himself and we will make them available for download as soon as our cheif web guy is back from holiday. In the meantime Ethan said he will email it to you. The lipstick model is built from scratch in the class and that is the purpose of that class. All other models, textures, bitmaps etc are from libraries where you can purchase the model or texture at low price, just as we did. We don’t own the licensing rights to those models so can not supply them but we do provide links to them and where you can get them. I hope this helps Karl.

  3. I wish there are a video for combining between photography and CGI, that will save a tons of time for setup a background.
    Thanks !

    1. Hi Sean, as these courses are recent releases our captions team are still working on them. I’m hoping within a month.

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