Apple Watches Shootout

Watch Karl and Ethan go head-to-head as they compete to produce the best Apple Watch image – one with photography, the other with CGI.


  1. Gary Stasiuk

    I thought the videos mentioned we would be able to download the blender file that Ethan was working on. Perhaps I am wrong. I know he purchased some items and modelled others. I was interested to have a closer look at the blender file.. his materials and details on the layout. Is it available?

  2. Radu

    Hi Karl Taylor, I might just missed it but how much time did it take to make the CGI image vs the photography. Great results, and nice explanation as always.

  3. This is very interesting as CGI is relatively new to me. I have noticed that there are some details that differ from the actual watch product (such as the face, bands, etc). I don’t think that the average person would notice these, but would a paying customer accept a reasonable facsimile of their product? Would appreciate your thoughts about that.

    I think for me, this technology would be most helpful in layouts so that I could relatively quickly prove a concept I might have. I would then feel better about spending the time/money on the props and setup knowing the image has potential beforehand. I know it took days for these models to be constructed in blender, but are there free libraries of objects that a available for download from the community? I cannot see myself spending this much time developing a model, especially since I am a novice and it would take me ten times what the expert did. But if many of the common objects were available already constructed I could see this being a huge benefit. I think one of the strongest points of using CGI is the ability to re-use the objects once they are created, and if the community shares these objects it would be a huge win.

    Also, I am curious, would you be willing to share the costs of the blocks you had made for this shoot? I usually make things like this myself because I have access to a complete shop, but wonder if it is worth my time and effort to keep doing so.


    1. Hi Jim, I think Ethan’s models could have been even more accurate to real life if he had has a watch to study in advance, a model can be as complex or as simple as you make it so there are lots options. Nearly all car photography you see is CGI as the models are already there from the manufacturers designs and extremely detailed. The blocks if I remember correctly I think were about £500.

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