Beauty Triangle, Pixels, Sharpening and Bit Depth

In this photography class Karl focusses on concepts such as the beauty triangle, sharpening, pixels and bit depth.

He shows clear examples of the beauty triangle and explains why it’s important to highlight as an area of prominence if you want to create an effective image. He then focuses on pixels — what they are and how they make up an image. These are central to understanding the process of sharpening, which he also explains.

This class gives a clear introduction to some key concepts relating to understanding digital images and how we can use this knowledge to maximum effect for retouching.

In this photography class we cover the following:

  • Understanding digital images
  • The beauty triangle
  • Pixels
  • Bit Depth
  • Sharpening

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  1. Shimmy

    Hi Karl,

    I have been watching your Youtube channel for some time now and about a week ago decided to subscribe on KTE. Now I see I’ll renew my subscription for a year or lifetime one once this monthly one expires.
    Your work is amazing but even more importantly here, your teaching style is pure genius.
    I don’t have nay questions so far, since you’re a great educator and explain even complex subjects easy to understand, just wanted to give credit where it is due. The explanation in this video about sharpening and pixels is just one of those gems that made me think, “wow, that’s actually true, how come I never looked at it that way?l

    Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge and experience in such a simple way and for honestly a damn good price!


    1. Hi Vanja, thank you for your comments and support and I’m here to help if you do have any questions. All the best Karl.

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