Beauty Retouch 2: Remove Fine Hairs, Blemishes and Liquify

In this chapter Karl runs through some Photoshop work on the nose of the model as well as removing a few further blemishes and the table that the model was leaning on when the image was taken. On top of that in this chapter Karl also looks at adjusting some of the lines in this image in order to make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing.


  1. It is now industry standard practice that this level to retouching must be declared on all images.

    Karl please look at this link about law passed in France in 2015

    This is a a copy/paste

    Yesterday (17 Dec 2015)the French Government passed a new bill to protect “ultraskinny” models.
    The bill, which was drafted yesterday, also says that images that have been digitally altered to make the model’s silhouette “narrower or wider” must be labelled “retouched photograph”. A violation of this, will incur a fine starting at €37,500 (£27,000).

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