Creating White Backgrounds in Photoshop for Product Images

In this photography class Karl deliberately takes a bad image of a wine bottle, showing you how you can use simple Photoshop techniques to better the picture and achieve a clean white background.

Although the image will never be as good as it would be if it was shot correctly, you’ll see how minor changes can make a big difference and why you don’t always have to discard a ‘bad’ image.

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In this Photoshop class you’ll learn:

  • How to retouch product images
  • How to remove shadows and create a clean white background
  • Photoshop Burn and Dodge tools
  • How to create, refine and save Photoshop selections

If you enjoyed this course, you may find our blog post on photographing in small studios useful, where I share a great lighting setup for photographing wine.

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  1. I downloaded the file for this tutorial. I only found the finished image. I don’t see the intentionally bad image of a wine bottle to follow along. Thanks.

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