Broad Lighting Setup for Older Male Business Portrait

Using just two lights for this business portrait lighting class, Karl demonstrates how to create broad, soft lighting that’s very flattering, particularly for older subjects.

In this information-packed class, you’ll learn how to control the exposure on both white backgrounds and dark backgrounds to easily meet any client’s needs. The setups demonstrated throughout the class are also ideal for those working in small studios or offices.

This simple lighting setup can be used for close-up head and shoulder shots or for three-quarter length portraits and Karl shows you how to easily use the same two modifiers coupled with a simple reflector as a fill light to control shadows for these types of images.

For those with more equipment, Karl demonstrates how to build on the original setup by adding a graduated background glow — a technique that can help separate the subject from the background and add a professional touch to any business portrait.

In this portrait photography class we cover the following:

  • How to photograph business portraits
  • Tips & techniques on how to photograph older subjects
  • Two-light softbox lighting setup for business portraits
  • How to create soft light for flattering portraits
  • How to control shadows using reflectors for fill light
  • How to create a graduated background light

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  1. Love your rollable background that is so smooth. I know I can purchase 4×8 wall board that I could paint. But how did you get such a large surface. Did you use float and paint like on a wall to get that large surface?

    1. Hi Keith, the moving wall is also 2 x 8ft by 4ft sheets they just have a bit of decorators caulk in the join and then paint the whole thing. The main cove is rendered with plaster.

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