1. Thanks for answering again so quickly! I was asking because I have a white coated floor and we built an infinity cove, but ( of course) the white of the floor doesn’t match the cove. Now we’re looking for the closest color to match the floor. We were afraid that if we paint the floor, the paint would crack / damage from car tires. Don’t you have that problem?

    1. Hi Andre, if you’ve built a cove that blends into the floor why don’t you paint the cove the same as the floor (which is what we do)? You don’t need to paint the cove walls very often as they don’t get dirty but we have to paint the floor about once every month or two. Our floor is concrete with a special concrete floor paint ontop and then we paint the Dulux matt ontop of that and have never had any problems with cracking. It must have been painted a 100 times by now too.

      1. Oke thanks! Yes we are trying to find the same color for the walls as the floor has but there’s a constant deviation with the colors we tried so far. Thanks for your answer, we will keep trying to match the floor and walls, eventually maybe with also painting the floor and hope it will also stay in place on that coating 🤞

  2. Hi Karl, thanks for answering so quickly yesterday to my question! I have one more: what did you do with the floor of your studio, in the infinity curve? Did you put on some sort of new coating or did you just paint it? Thanks in advance and very best regards,

  3. Hi Karl, what is the dimension of your infinity cove? I’ve read the radius being 75 cm, but what’s the height and the length in both directions? Further more, what did you do with the floor? Thanks and very best regards,

      1. Oke thanks for the quick answer! And did you use a special coating on the floor or did you just paint the existing floor? Thanks

        1. Hi, we painted the floor with a concrete floor paint and then we paint on top of that with standard white matt wall paint regularly in the cove area.

          1. Oke thanks again for the quick answer, appreciated 🙏🏻👍🏻

          2. Hi Karl, one more question on this: is there a RAL color for the paint you used? You mentioned standard white Matt wall paint, but there appears to be variety in this. Thanks and greetings from Holland,

          3. Hi, we only ever use Dulux Matt Vinyl Pure Brilliant White. We also find the ‘Trade’ version better but it’s more expensive. Any good pure matt white should do though.

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