Essential Studio Photography Equipment: C-stands, Grips and Clamps

In this video Karl talks you through his new order of C-stands and accessories for the studio. If you’re setting up a new studio or simply looking for some kit inspiration this is the video for you.


    1. Hi, most of them are Avenger which is part of Manfrotto. We also have some independent ones from a supplier but they are unbranded.

  1. Hi Karl,

    Great content. Have a question regarding reflectors and Softboxes. I am looking for round/octa Softbox. I like to use it for few feet away in outdoor to very close to the subject/model when indoors. What is the size of the Softbox that you would recommend. If I can find something that’s easy to setup like foldable would be great. Not sure if Broncolor has foldable ones

      1. Thanks Karl. When i was asking if its foldable, I meant if it opens and closes like an umbrella instead of me manually connecting the rods that comes with this 105cm octa

        1. Hi, no it’s not foldable like an umbrella unfortunately, you have to assmeble it which takes about 5mins. You could also consider a large 160cm white umbrella (white on inside black on outside) this gives a similar light to the Ocatabox but takes up a bit more shooting space when using it.

  2. Karl,
    Hi, Enjoy watching your shows.
    Question. Can we get these discounts in Australia? say for Manfrotto kit?

    If so how would we go about this process?


    1. Hi, the discounts are available from Manfrotto’s website so yes if they have an e-commerce site for Australia.

    1. Hi Guatham, both are fine, C-stands are generally more sturdy and can be used for other things such as holding backgrounds, grips, arms and props etc as well as lighting.

  3. Hi Karl: I am still not seeing the equipment list that was omitted on this video. (see your Jan 3, 2018 reply. Could you please direct me to the location?

  4. Hello Karl,
    What is the thinnish metal arm (pole) that you use to create your c-stand ?
    Thank you very much

  5. hello Karl,
    What is the arm you put into the Avenger rotule grip
    D200 over the c-stand ?
    Thank you very much

  6. I am curious as to why, when you are talking about what kind of kit you find essential, you don’t mention what brands, models or offer links to the gear you are showing (other than Broncolor). I understand that it is not the gear that makes the photographer, but when trying to upgrade a studio it would be nice to know what it is you are showing in case we see something in one of your videos we would like to add to our own.

    1. Hi Daniel, we generally list the equipment used in the ‘equipment list’ on each video page, I noticed on this page it has been omitted so I will get that updated.

    1. Hi Milton, I’ve got several different ones in the studio. Avenger, Century C and some cheaper Chinese ones. Most of them seem to work OK although ones that I’ve got wet have got a bit stiff and need some WD-40.

  7. What brand of C-stands do you use? There are many brands and price ranges. I want to get something that last. I am particularly interested in the rotators for the boom arms at (01:52 into the video). Yours look really strong versatile. Thanks Larry

    1. Hi Larry, Avenger is the best brand of c-stands we use. They are now owned by Manfrotto, so you can get 15% off them with our members code on the Manfrotto site.

  8. i use c stand but seen to have a problem. How do you stop you light and soft box from turning when you put it on a boom. when i set up a large soft box on a boom it seems to trun like the screw of the light can’t tighten down enough to hold it in place. any ideas on how i can stop that from happening.

    1. Hi Kevin, this must be a faulty screw in the light, boom or C-stand as that shouldn’t happen with a proper set up.

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