How to Get Smooth Video Clips Using a Camera Crane

Creating amazingly smooth shots is made a lot easier with the use of camera crane – or as otherwise known ‘camera jibs’. In this video Karl explains the ins and outs of using a camera jib to get pro results, from simply explaining how it actually works and how best to control them to showing you some ideas of shots you can get that look a lot better using a camera jib than they would handheld.


  1. Hi Karl. So when using the prime lens, the subject has to move in the same arc as the jib ‘s movement in order to stay in focus? Otherwise when the jib moves in an arc and the subject is walking straight down the path, you would go out of focus, correct? Or is it in some kind of auto focusing mode? Curious about the settings. Thanks for another great vid!

    1. Hi Susan, yes it is best to keep the camera to subject distance the same however there is some flexibility if you are using a wide angle lens and a smaller aperture as the depth of field will give you greater flexibility.

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