Cameras and Lenses for Fashion Photography

The gear you need to capture fabulous fashion.

Not sure what gear you need to take fabulous fashion shots? Wondering how to find the best camera for fashion photography, or the best lens? In this class, Karl will walk you through the pros and cons of the cameras and lenses most commonly used by fashion photographers.

You’ll cover camera format, focal length, the benefits and drawbacks of zoom lenses, how to avoid distortion in your images, and why it’s so important to always use a colour checker card.

In this class:

  • Best cameras for fashion photography
  • Best lenses for fashion photography
  • How to use a colour checker card for fashion photography
  • Focal length for fashion photography
  • Zoom lenses in fashion photography


Karl demonstrates cameras and lenses suitable for fashion photography, and shows you how to use a colour checker card.

If you’re interested in learning more about photography equipment, check out this replay of our live show on ‘The Future of Cameras and Photography‘.

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  1. I believe resolution ain’t everything. When starting out, you have far more artistic problems to deal with than a lack of resolution. When you need it, you can buy it…

    1. Hi, I’d agree with that, my first medium format camera the H1 was only 22mp and we used to shoot campaign stuff on that camera no problem. Even 12mp is 4K tv resolution so still doeable, there is also software such as Gigapixel that does a great job upscaling images too. Of course it’s always nice to have the resolution but lighting, composition and expression is what matters most and if you don’t have that then no amount of resolution is going to fix your photo.

  2. David

    Happy New Year Karl!

    Could you please elaborate on the topic of the relation between sensor size and image quality. What is exactly the drawback in quality regarding a smaller sensor? Do you think one could get away with an APS-C camera as a professional photographer. I have a Sony a6400 and so far I am very happy with the quality it gives me. Do you think I should upgrade to a full frame body if I would like to try and make photography become my profession? My friend owns a full frame Canon body which I could make a comparison with to help me decide but I don’t know what aspects of the images should I take into consideration.

    Thank you for your guidance in advance,

    David from Hungary 🙂

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