CGI: Modelling and Texturing a Product

Want to learn how to create a 3D CGI model from scratch? This class, recorded LIVE, is for you!

Join expert retoucher and CGI artist Corey Rive ( as he introduces you to amazing FREE software Blender and guides you through the modelling and texturing process in real time.

You’ll experience Corey's workflow firsthand as he meticulously crafts and textures a stunning 3D model of a keyboard.

As you follow along, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can turn a blank screen into a photorealistic image of this complex product.

By watching his process in real time, you’ll gain a rare understanding of how professional CGI artists solve problems and overcome unexpected challenges as they work.

In this class:

  • Creating a 3D model in Blender
  • Modelling a product in CGI
  • CGI project workflow
  • Adding texture to a model

Don’t miss part two of this workshop series, CGI: Getting the Shot and Adding Animation, scheduled for 20th July 2023. In that followup show, Corey will show you how to add animated elements to create a truly captivating piece of digital art!

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