Affordable Lens-Cleaning Cloths

Micro-fibre lens cleaning cloths are a great way to keep your lenses in tip top condition but often the Camera brand ones are quite expensive. In this video Karl shows you how he cleans his lenses and gives you another great money saving tip to help look after your lenses!


  1. Hi Karl,
    I supposed I should have looked to see if you had cleaning tips on lenses before I purchased a cleaning kit. That said, would a rocket bulb cleaner do the trick to clear any dust on the lense?
    I have never cleaned the lense before. I always assumed that they are quite durable and strong.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Mark, lenses are more durable than people realise. I get salt spray and dirt on mine all the time, I’ve even washed the end with water! Rocket bulb air is good for blowing stuff away before you wipe it with a suitable cloth.

  2. Hello Karl, can i remove and put the lens on the camera while the camera is on? I have heard that it is better that the camera need to be off so that the lens not get damaged.

  3. Hi Karl
    I have a question about that microfiber – when it gets dirty what should I do – can I just wash it and use it again or should I get another one?
    Thank you.

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