Creative Street Photography Techniques

In this photography class, Karl shows you how you can use creative techniques to get eye-catching and interesting street photography images.

Karl and the team are in New York and take a quick photo of the sun bouncing off some iconic New York skyscrapers. Karl incorporates some motion blur and interesting detail elements in the shot to show you how easy it can be to create street photography style images that require minimal setup and simple equipment.

In this class:

  • Street photography
  • Camera settings for street photography
  • How to use slow shutter speeds to create motion

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  1. I would love to see more like this Karl, do you have any plans to add more street/travel photography modules?

    1. Hi Paul, there is a little more on this in the Travel and Landscape course but I have to admit it is not my main thing.

  2. Karl, do you mind in high contrast areas such as this, the exposure sometimes blowing out to retain the feel of the image? I guess here you had a choice of losing a bit of darkest shadow area over capturing the highlights as a grad was not possible to equalise the dynamic range of available light.

    1. Hi Chris, yes with all my work I make my decisions based on visual aesthetics and consider what can or cannot be recovered after. Even with RAW there are plenty of situations where you can’t record the deepest shadows and brightest highlights at the same time (or see the scene the same way your eye sees it) and in those situations you just have to make a decision on what you think looks best.

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