Classic Car Photography on Location

Cars are notoriously difficult to shoot – not only due to their size, but also their various materials and textures. Usually, they require a specialized studio and equipment. But in this class, Karl captures some stunning images of a car in a shipping warehouse with just some standard studio gear.

This shoot proves once again that knowledge and understanding matter more than a big budget.


  1. hrachess

    Hi Karl, thanks for the video (and all the vides!:) Quick question – what about the reflections? especially from the light stands. Did you remove them on post production? and didn’t it influence on the texture of the car service in the post edited images?
    And another question is, I guess in this setup you can’t shoot direct front and direct back images because of the light stands right?
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Hrach, yes lighting stands or joins in polyboards etc are all removed in post. Using the latest healing tools such as the ‘remove’ tool work very well at retaining gradients and texture. For your second question I could shoot whatever I want I would just have to move things accordingly. If you would like to see a direct front car image please see this Mercedes GT shoot:

      1. hrachess

        Thanks for the reply, Karl. Yeah, I was actually just watching the Mercedes video (the angle one so far). I was just curious about that particular setup (for the classic one), how you gonna shoot the front view, as it looked super tight setup, but yeah, as you said, moving the whole setup and re-organizing everything, would have done the job I guess.. Thanks again for your great work!

  2. I hope you could do more photography of car’s light painting, for example, take more pictures of cars.
    As a 3D worker, your light painting methord is good references for 3D lighting. I mean, light painting = light carving

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