Photography Studio Backdrops: How Colorama Rolls Work

If you have a photography studio then you will find this video review of Colorama’s “Rolleasy” background system very useful.Here Karl shows you how they work and how they are bracketed to our studio wall. This is definitely an improvement on our previous crank and chain system!



    I cannot find very reflectives gold and white cards at my local diy store, I check the reflectivity with my iphone light but it barely work, where can I buy the different reflective materials that you have for product photography?

    1. Hi, we use Dulux floor shield as the base coat and then on top of that once a month Dulux Vinyl Matt pure brilliant white (wall paint)

  2. Hi Karl just joined you this month.
    I do a little welding so those brackets are pretty simple to build for me.

    Just would like to know what type or paint you used on your studio floors.
    Also I can’t seem to find the Colorama backgrounds, here in the US.

    My studio will be about 18 feet wide & 40 feet long when completed, plus an additional 8 feet on each side of studio for editing area, office and storage, total of 34 wide by 40 feet long.

    Thanks for all the great information, on how to run my photography businesses.

    Oh if your ever in Vegas please be sure to look me up, I live 50 west of Vegas, in Pahrump, nice quite little town.

    Thanks Rich

    1. Hi Jeff, they have their place from a convenience point of view but i’d much rather use a flat painted wall as it’s easier to light and without ripples that you can often get in paper.

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