Conversations With David Lund: The Path to Becoming a Pro

Karl was joined by professional photographer David Lund for a fascinating discussion about working as a professional commercial photographer, making it in the market today, how to win clients and more.

Together the pair discussed everything from David’s work and his journey as a photographer, to quoting clients and building a portfolio.

David, who has appeared for a past live liquid shoot and live talk show, is always incredibly generous with his knowledge, and this conversation was no different.

Topics covered in this show include:

  • The role of the photographer today
  • Useful skills for photographers
  • Winning clients and building connections
  • What to charge for jobs
  • Understanding and executing briefs
  • Building a portfolio

You can view more of David’s work on his website.

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  1. Absolutely loved that.
    Feeling filled with inspiration, about to go full time and some very crucial bits of advice really stuck home.
    Don’t think me trying to sell our house would go down very well with my girlfriend though 😂

  2. DavidMorgan

    This was a really interesting conversation with an insightful and thoughtful man. Tales of the ups and downs, with some helpful tips thrown in for good measure. Just goes to show that, even at the top, to win a commission can be hard work.

  3. wonderful insight into what constitutes a photographer’s work working to fulfil briefs and other queries. but the freedom in such a work is most precious.

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