Conversations With David Stanbury: Creating an Experience (Wedding Photography)

For this informative live talk show, Karl is joined by friend and award-winning wedding photographer David Stanbury.

The pair discuss creating memorable customer experiences, building lasting client relationships, marketing your work and much more.

In this talk show:

  • Building relationships with clients
  • Considering the customer experience
  • How to market your work as a wedding photographer
  • Tips and advice for wedding photography
  • Gear and equipment for professional wedding photographers
  • The importance of unique selling points

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  1. Coming to this interview late (and with no desire at all to photograph weddings) but found it a fascinating discussion nonetheless. Time well spent listening.

    1. Thank you and glad you enjoyed it. I think all of our guest interviews, no matter which photography genre, offer valuable insights in some form or another so great to hear your feedback.

  2. Thanks for a great production. David was very generous sharing his knowledge and experiences, which is quite refreshing.
    Lockdown has its advantages with KTE broadcasting shows with real experts. I’m looking forward to the next one with Urs.
    Stay safe all
    Sue G

  3. DavidMorgan

    Fascinating conversation, even though I don’t do wedding or portrait photography. Interesting points about attention to detail, personal style, and story-telling.

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