High-end Cosmetics Product Photography

How do you make a small, everyday object look like a work of art? Successful advertising photography requires empowering your subject to give it presence and desirability. There are also lighting considerations, camera angles and techniques that will help make it work.

In this product photography class, Karl creates a powerful, dramatic advertising image of a pair of lipsticks. In doing so, he demonstrates how to photograph small products, what impact background choice can have on the final shot, and how to create beautiful gradient lighting for products with metallic textures.

Shooting small objects such as this requires precision and patience. As Karl builds his shot up light-by-light, you’ll see how even the smallest changes can have a big impact.

In this class:

  • How to photograph cosmetics
  • Techniques for photographing small products
  • Using extension tubes for close-up macro photography
  • How to create gradient lighting for metallic textures
  • Choosing the right background

To see how Karl retouched this image, check out High-end Cosmetics Product Photography | Post-Production.

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