Sunlit Shadows Cosmetics | Post-Production

Having worked hard in Sunlit Shadows Cosmetics Shoot (losing a light in the process!) to secure all the raw files he needs, Karl undertakes extensive post-production to create a convincing and lifelike final image that showcases the powerful effect of dual lighting.

As he works to secure the desired gradient lighting on the pot lids, crisp up the shadows, remove unwanted reflections, and so on, Karl uses an array of Photoshop tools and techniques.

From using the pen and liquify tools to applying curves adjustment layers and working with luminosity blend mode, this informative class provides an accessible yet in-depth look at what you can achieve in post.

In this class:

  • Post-production techniques for cosmetics photography
  • Common Photoshop tools and how to use them
  • How to create composite images in Photoshop
  • How to use the pen tool
  • How to use the liquify tool
  • Layers and layer masks
  • How to use burn and dodge

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  1. Both shoot and edit are amazing Karl. The shoot thumbnail makes the whole process appear straightforward, then the complexities that arise drive home the need for a thorough understanding of controlling light. Thanks for a extremely valuable lesson.

  2. Karl
    Please explain the colour theory.
    Marine, Rose and Plum are the colours of the cosmetics
    Elemis Peptide and Sour Grape SA 7563
    Elemis Pro Calogen Marine and Orange Fizz SA 3143
    Elemis Pro Calogen Rose and Bubblegum Blue SA7490. But didnt you use Spearmint Green SA6382? This would be the natural triadic colour?
    Or am I being a bit thick?

  3. Jens Mueller

    (33min 10s) The brand on the acrylic might be a reflection off the glass surface caused by the reflection attachment used for that label, or? That’s my guess 🙂

    1. Hi, A 1 pixel feather on such high resolution images is hardly any feather at all. If you don’t apply at least some feather the cuts have a ‘paper cut out’ look to them which is unnatural.

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