Fashionscape: Funny Outtakes!

Here are some outtakes and further behind the scenes clips from the making of this course.


  1. I love this beautiful and nice trip that you had together as a team and all everything around. Amazing shots. Thanks Karl and all of you.

  2. Hahaha, Great Stuff Karl! I really loved watching the whole thing (in one go to be honest!). Iceland has been definitely on my map for a while. I love the images, absolutely world-class (!) and I appreciate all the planning that went into it. Lots of truly hard work! I can’t prize the Broncolor lights enough and the Hasselblad! Fantastic! But even a Ferrari is just a piece of metal if you don’t have a great pilot! One additional comment: the music. Being a professional musician I particularly LOVED the orchestral score! It just enhances the beauty of your images. I have conducted the London Symphony at Abbey Road Studios… perhaps we ought to do something together at some point as your photos deserve nothing but the best!… Take care! Enrico

    1. Hey Enrico, thank you for your kind comments and glad you enjoyed this one. It was truly an epic adventure. I’m working on a TV documentary regarding shipwrecks over the coming year and it would be great to talk about music, drop me an email, not sure I could afford an Orchestra though!

  3. Love this! It’s great that you show things don’t always go as planned and you have to adapt and overcome constantly.

  4. I love what Lena said “Zur Mitte zur Titte, zum Sack, zack zack”. Well said Lena! It looks like you all have had a fantastic time in Iceland.
    Mario from Poole (moved here from Radeberg/Saxony)

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