Fashionscape: Overview and Post-Production – Part 2

In this chapter, Karl does an overview of each of the images from this course and some of the post-production work done on each of the images taken as well as giving you a little look into his thoughts on the shoots and the final results.


  1. I’m not a landscape photographer, but I love your landscape shots – particularly the one with the road. When you shoot and crop for panoramic, aren’t you throwing away a lot of megapixels? This may not be an issue with the H5, but shooting with 24MP camera, I am afraid I’d end up with an image with too few pixels to blow up very large. How limited are you by the camera? I’d love to blow up something like this for a wall in my home.

    1. Hi, thank you. In that particular shot I’m only cutting off the top and the bottom of the shot not the width so the width remains the same which would mean the image could still be enlarged to the same width without any difference. Sometimes other shots may need to be cropped a little but with software such as Gigapixel you can actually enlarge images to a good standard these days for print.

  2. Fantastic week of shooting. Images are incredible. On the average, what was the range of ambient under-exposure when using the strobes during your trip?

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