Dark and Edgy Beauty Photography

Picking up where we left off at the end of the ‘Bright and Gritty Beauty’ shoot, this class shows you what Karl did next. The goal? To achieve an even edgier, even more sinister beauty image.

In this video, you’ll see Karl do just that as he makes significant adjustments to the lighting setup. Most importantly, he brings in a Picolite modified with a projection attachment to cast a narrow beam of light across model Brittany’s face.

As he experiments with different power settings across the three lights in play, Brittany tries a variety of poses. Soon enough, Karl has the image he wants before too long.

Like its companion class ‘Bright and Gritty Beauty’, this shoot is a fascinating example of how creative lighting and styling can turn an otherwise conventional beauty shoot into something original and compelling.

In this class:

  • Creative ideas for beauty photography
  • Styling tips for creative beauty photography
  • Lighting techniques for portrait photography
  • Lighting techniques for fashion photography
  • How to use a projection attachment

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  1. Beautiful results! I’ve become a big fan of Brittany. She is just wonderful, gives exactly the look needed for the shot, a real pro. You “painted” her masterfully, Karl. I enjoyed and learned!

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