Dramatic Fashion Shoot in a Surreal Landscape

Karl and the team head to a more dark and desert-like area for the next shoot. Here Karl shoots some natural light fashion shots and brings out all the big guns as he and the team aim for a truly epic shot.


  1. Karl, you motivate the creative soul to it’s finest!
    Wow, simply stellar!
    Thank you for the stupendous inspiration!

  2. Absolutely fantastic!

    I have my autumn photo shoot in my local park tomorrow. I think any passers-by will think my model is insane if I asked her to scream like that! But would definitely do it if it added something to the composition.

  3. Perfect. 15 minutes in, I can see the distances I asked about on YouTube earlier – thank you for steering me to this part of the website Karl.

    I’ve been using HSS with Nikon’s higher output SB series speedlights, but the limitations of distance from the model in daylight have been inhibiting. On the flipside, I’ve learned an awful lot of closer lighting and lighting modification on location, so I’m not grumbling. This is much more where I’m heading for my own creations, and that 222 Para is insane!

    Thanks for the advice, and the Move / Para kit is next on my shopping list given its capabilities and light shaping. I’m staggered at the distance between the lights and the model – absolutely beautiful

    PS – hope the superchat gets fixed 🙂

  4. Hi Karl,
    why did you use such a long distance model/lights? I mean the 2 88 Paras and the 222?
    Especially the 222 was only slightly focused, so moving in and focus a little more would give the same light, shorter recyling time and longer battery life.

    1. Hi Heina, primarily because my view included a considerable amount of the landscape and I didn’t want the lights intruding into that scene. You will see the same in chapter 11 too. Also the focusing of the light also changes the hardness or softness of the light so I generally test the ‘look’ of the light to decide what I like. The battery life on the Move packs and on the Siros is very good I also had spare batteries so wasn’t too worried about this. Recycling time also is not a concern as I prefer to shoot slowly and think about the shots and Medium format is quite slow shooting anyway.

  5. Thank Karl. Which trigger did you use in this video below?
    X1D Hasselblad Camera Photography Review (and location Fashion shoot!) – Part 2

  6. Hi Karl.
    You took some shots at 800/1second. But you are still using regular RFS triggers and not high-sync ones. Now I know that because of medium format, the shutter is inside the lens but then how would you go about setting up power packs (MOVE L) or Siros L. Do you do any settings on the camera or lights for high sync since high sync triggers are not involved.

    Also do I need Broncolor RFS 2.2 N Transceiver if I am using X1D with siros? Or can I still use the Broncolor RFS 2.1 Transceiver and still be able to do high sync?


    1. Hi Purvak, with medium format there are no extra settings for syncing required you can just use the standard trigger and sync at any shutter speed without any special settings on the pack. With the new H6 camera you can now sync with the camera at its shutter speeds all the way up to 1/2000th if you like. This is one of the advantages of medium format and it also means you can be more versatile because you can also use your flash at any power and not in HS mode. If you were using the X1D you could do exactly the same as I did here.

    1. Hi Muhammad, not always it depends if I need to get the daylight exposure darker, however i generally use the ND grad filters because I always prefer to get the sky darker in my model shoots.

  7. Hi Karl,

    Great shoot! Because rotation is limited by having the grad in place, does the polarizer give a good range of results by taking it out and re-seating in the four possible positions?

    1. Hi Peter, yes that’s how I used it for many years but I must admit now having the one with the fully rotational adaptor is more versatile but it is more expensive.

  8. It has nothing to do with photography and I apologize for this question but I cannot avoid asking.
    The white silhouette that you can see on the road on the left … Is it a shooting target? 😮

    1. Hi Giorgio, where do you mean? How many minutes into the video and i’ll take a look. I don’t remember anything unusual.

        1. Ha Ha no it’s actually a road sign warning about 4 wheel driving conditions if I remember correctly!

  9. Something that just occurred to me: using a fishing rod with very thin line to pull the dress up in the air

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