Developing an Online Photography Portfolio (Part 2)

In this live show, Karl Karl reviewed a selection of members’ websites, offering his feedback and advice. Throughout the show, he highlighted what works, what doesn’t and explained how to create the best possible site to promote your work. He covered elements such as page design, navigation and image selection, explaining how to use each of these in a way that maximises user experience while still keeping your message clear and simple.

Topics covered in this show include:

  • Developing your own online photography portfolio
  • Creating a clear first impression with your work
  • Making sure your site is easy to navigate
  • What information to include on your site
  • Choosing the best images to include in an online portfolio

Karl also reviewed more websites in part one of this critique, which you can watch here.

If you have any questions about this live show, please use the comment section below.


  1. Hi Karl! Hope all is well. I have recently been commissioned to photograph a family because they have an ailing dog they are about to lose and want to honor him while he is still here. My question is regarding delivery of client images is there a standard crop I should adhere to? For example: (4 x5 ) or 2048px on the long end? Or do you just crop to what is best for the image on a case by case basis?

    I plan on using Pixieset to deliver the images via a Personalized Client Gallery and offering them (Web-Sized JPGS – 2048px on the long end 72 DPI)

    Also (For Print Sized JPGS) – That are full resolution 300 DPI in case they want to print them at a later date.

    Just curious is this standard practice or is this overkill?

    Humble thanks and hope you have a great weekend!


    1. Hi Ted, I crop images on a case by case basis to best suit the image. The print can be made and framed to suit any size. 2048px long edge will only be good enough resolution for 4×5 inch prints. You will need 3600px for slightly over 10×8 inch sort of size. The DPI is irrelevant only the total amount of pixels matter.

  2. Hi Karl,

    I couldn’t help but laugh at your comment that a photographer must look approachable on their website. Sorry Bogdan if you are reading this, I do like your photo!! 🙂

    Karl, will you be doing another one of these website reviews anytime soon? I loved watching both parts of it, and I would like to submit mine the next time it is on (if there will be another one, sorry that I missed submitting it this/these times).


    1. Hi Maxine, we actually did one recently but we will be doing plenty more – I’ve just got to get through a big batch of new classes we are currently working on. We have some exciting stuff coming!

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