Karl and Ash Talk Developing Your Photography Style

In this new magazine style chat show Karl and Ashleigh focus on the topic of developing your photography style.

Together, the pair explore what defines a style, why it is important to develop a style and techniques for developing your own. They take a closer look at work by influential photographers from the past decade, exploring what made their style so distinctive and how they’ve impacted photographers today.

Photographers Mentioned:

Rachell Smith – http://www.rachellsmith.com/home/
Erik Johansson – https://www.erikjo.com/
Jonathan Knowles – https://jknowles.com/
Barry Makariou – https://www.barrymakariou.com/
Phillipe Halsman – http://philippehalsman.com/
Daria Belikova – https://www.dariabelikova.com/
Rankin – https://rankin.co.uk/
Tom Oldham – http://www.tomoldham.com/
Nadav Kander – https://www.nadavkander.com/
Marco Grob – https://www.marcogrob.com/
Irving Penn -https://irvingpenn.org/
Richard Avedon – https://www.avedonfoundation.org/
Vincent van de Wijngaard – https://www.artandcommerce.com/artists/photographers/Vincent-van-de-Wijngaard/bio
Tim Flach – https://timflach.com/

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  1. What do you think about those who put themselves across as “photographer, videographer, post production”?
    And should a photographer be able to do any discipline the client asks?

    1. Hi, I think that photographer, director/film maker, and post production are all services that a photographer can have in his skill set. Some companies have several people each with their own set of skills so that they can take on many aspects of the creative production, take Rankin for example. Obviously there is a limit I would say where it starts to look ridiculous but what that limit is depends on the size and experience of the company.

  2. Hi Karl and the team.
    Another great video. And a nice change from the lessons. Still filled with loads of information but delivered in a really friendly relaxed way. This platform just gets better and better!

  3. Such a great show, thanks very much Karl & Ashley! I also really enjoyed the tech review at the end. Would love to see more of that in future shows.

  4. Very good format Karl, always great to get your take on things, loved hearing Ashleigh’s views too – when will we see some of her work. Thanks.

  5. great show . I still think the most imported thing is to know how to use ones gear and from that the style comes thanks again

  6. Hey there, Karl, Ashleigh & KTE Crew members.
    Thanks for another, interesting, informative & fun, photography driven show.
    And congratulations on your official inaugural chat photography, “Styles Show”.
    I believe it’s a winner.
    Real world, photography industry education at affordable internet access prices, lovita.
    sincerely yours
    john burnie

  7. Hi Karl, what a pity I’ve missed the live show. I’d have a question for you.. Have you ever said no to an art director because the project she/he proposed was not your style or you could not make it?

    1. Hi Paolo, good question and the answer is yes. I’ve said to art directors that I think the concept needs a major overhaul to make it work. On the other hand I have also turned work down from direct clients (not art directors) where they either had no idea of how the process worked and were expecting 1000 shots from a 2 day shoot or where they had the budget but I felt the ideas of the shoot were not going to lead to a favourable outcome and I didn’t want to put my name on it.

  8. Crack in’ show. I know this phrase is terribly cliche and over used, but KTE is absolutely driving my work to the next level. Keep up the great work, Karl.

  9. Hi Karl & Ashleigh

    Great show & thanks for the comments regarding my website, I’m very interested in hearing your suggestions for change as I do need to update it. You were looking at the Products page where I place all my product type images, similar to Karls Objects page where bottle shots, cosmetics & watches etc are all on the same page and subject items/groups are not all grouped together and still look great. On my page I tried to mix things up a little as I didn’t want all the reels together then bottles etc and also thought mixing the light & dark images would be better than having these all grouped up but was this a mistake? I love Karls website with all the amazing work and it looks perfect on my 27inch iMac and would be great if everyone used a large monitor to view our sites! but more and more I read we should be focusing on how the sites look on a mobile platform. In the mobile view, my products page & your objects page display in a very similar way with images that fill the screen scrolling down/up, do you have any suggestions to help improve the way I organise/group my images?

    Best Regards

    1. Hello Saul. I thought your site along with the others that Karl reviewed looked great! Much better than my site but it also inspires me to work towards your level.

    2. Hi Saul, first of all thank you for letting us discuss your website on the show. My initial thoughts are as you heard on the show that there are some great images there but it’s the way they are presented. For example at the moment the large images are forced upon the viewer as I couldn’t find a way to get them to a collection of thumbnails first. When we have a collection of thumbs (they don’t need to be small) then we can more easily appreciate the overall feel and style and it will also help you appreciate that. So I’d switch that function on if it is available and then consider the order of images on your website first and then we’ll view it again.

      1. Hi Karl
        Thanks for the feedback, I’ve been looking into options to update my site since the show to include some kind of overview page. I’ll let you know when I’ve updated things & hopefully will have improved my site.

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