Dior Fahrenheit CGI (Part 1)

Discover how Ethan Davis used Blender 3D CGI software to create this stunning, ad-style image of a Dior Fahrenheit fragrance.

If you’d like to follow along and create your own version of Ethan’s image, you can download the third-party textures Ethan uses for the scratches (paid) and fingerprints (FREE).

You can also download this FREE Blender file which contains Ethan’s Dior logo textures. The third-party textures have been removed, but the file contains instructions on how to relink them.

This is Part 1 of Ethan’s Dior Fahrenheit class. Don’t miss Part 2!

To watch Karl produce his Dior Fahrenheit image with his camera, watch Dior Fahrenheit Photoshoot.

To see the Karl and Ethan go head-to-head to produce the best image, watch Dior Fahrenheit Shootout.

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© Ethan Davis


  1. At the 55 min mark you show an over head image of the plastic triangles, you tell us to trace and cut out with the knife tool. Where is this image so I can follow along?

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