Dior Fahrenheit Photoshoot

In this product photography class, Karl shoots a Dior Fahrenheit fragrance as he and Ethan Davis compete to produce the slickest image: Karl with his camera, Ethan in Blender.

The class begins with timelapse footage of Karl and the team working meticulously with pieces of coloured acrylic and a glue gun to set up the backdrop for the shot.

You’ll then watch Karl build his lighting setup as he works to create beautiful gradient lighting on the product.

As the shoot progresses, Karl uses scrims, softboxes, mirrors, coloured gels and more. Once he’s happy with the lighting on the product, Karl and Georgie introduce multiple extra pieces of acrylic to finish the composition.

By the end of the shoot, Karl has the raw files he needs to move on to the post-production phase. To watch Karl edit and retouch this shot in Photoshop, check out Dior Fahrenheit Photoshoot | Post-Production.

In this class:

  • Studio lighting techniques for product photography
  • Using coloured acrylic as a photography backdrop
  • Using mirrors to reflect light in a product photoshoot
  • How to use a scrim in product photography
  • Using coloured gels in product photography

To see Ethan create his Dior Fahrenheit watch image in Blender, check out Dior Fahrenheit CGI.

To see Karl and Ethan go head to head to produce the best image, watch Dior Fahrenheit Shootout.

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