Dior Fahrenheit Shootout

In this class, you’ll watch Karl and Ethan go head-to-head as they compete to produce the best Dior Fahrenheit product image – one with photography, the other with CGI.

It’s fascinating to see the different tools and techniques each uses to create the best lighting effects possible.

Who comes out on top? That’s for you to decide!

To watch Ethan’s full CGI session, check out Dior Fahrenheit CGI.

To watch Karl’s full photoshoot, check out Dior Fahrenheit Photoshoot.

Questions? Please post them in the comments section below.

© Karl Taylor (Photography)


© Ethan Davis (CGI)


  1. Hi Karl,
    Do yo think there will be collaboration between old school Photography setups and CGI artists in the future? Or will it all go to CGI? Portraiture surely will remain in the domain of Photography? Thoughts?

    1. Hi, Portraiture, weddings and I think fashion photography will still hold a strong footing. Product photography will be the one that suffers the most from CGI just as car photography has. However it is likely that there will still be a mix of the two for some time, even now car CGI is mixed into actual photography.

    1. Hi, there are 3 more due for release on the 6th of July, the others are filmed but at the editing stage and will be released over the coming months.

      1. Thanks for the reply Karl, looking forward to the new content. Keep up the great work you and the team are doing

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