Dior Sauvage CGI

In this class, you’ll discover how Ethan Davis created this stunning, ad-style CG image of a Dior Sauvage product.

As he models the product from scratch, you’ll cover extruding, the Bevel tool, using the Subdivision Surface modifier, and more.

Ethan demonstrates the NodeWrangler add-on and how it increases the efficiency of your workflow.

Introducing imperfections including fingerprints and scratches, Ethan demonstrates Normal Maps, UV Maps, Bump mode, Noise texture and more.

He then explains three different methods for adding water to the image, demonstrating each and picking his favourite.

Finally, it’s time to light the image, which Ethan does with great care and precision, achieving the beautiful effect you see in the final render.

In this class:

  • Creating CGI in Blender
  • CGI modelling tools and techniques
  • Lighting a 3D model in Blender
  • Texturing in Blender
  • Working with node-based system

To watch Karl produce his Sauvage image with his camera, watch Dior Sauvage Photoshoot.

To see the Karl and Ethan go head-to-head to produce the best image, watch Dior Sauvage Shootout.

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    1. Yes sorry about this Martin as we were simultaneously filming the photoshoot of the Dior Sauvage bottle as the other end of the studio which is another course. We’ll keep a note for next time to separate the filming.

  1. Hi Ethan, I’m going crazy because I cannot scale the uv map only on the z axis. I’m trying to figure out where is the problem, but everything that I try doesn’t work. Do you know how can I fix it?

  2. Good day,
    I’m currently working on an Apple MBP (Blender 3.5.0) and when I try to loop select as @ 11:32 in the video (using the shift + Opt keys) it does not work.
    Is there some setting that I must change to make the process easier ?

    1. Ben H (VE Team) Author

      Hi Marius,

      I’ve just added release dates to all of the forthcoming CGI classes, including this one. 🙂

      Best wishes,

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