Dior Sauvage Photoshoot

Watch Karl attempt to recreate Ethan’s slick CG render using creative photography techniques.

From making the product look larger than life to achieving perfect gradient lighting, and from finding the ideal depth of field to creating just the right ripples, this shoot requires Karl to draw on all of his experience and expertise.

You’ll see him using a wide variety of lights, modifiers and props as he works to bring his vision to life.

As you watch a professional product photographer at work, you’ll discover a host of useful problem-solving techniques that you can use in your own photography.

In this class:

  • Lighting techniques for product photography
  • Cosmetic product photography
  • Using water in product photography
  • How to achieve gradient lighting on reflective products
  • Using scrims, acrylic, and flags in product photography

To watch Ethan create his CGI version of this image, watch Dior Sauvage CGI.

To see a summary of both projects in one video, check out Dior Sauvage Shootout.

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