Directing the Freepour Promo: Barry Makariou Interview

In this filmmaking class, Karl sits down with liquids photography and videography specialist Barry Makariou for a debrief on the Freepour promo film he made in Advanced Filmmaking – Shoot 1.

Barry describes how the project came about, and how he approached collaborating with the client and his various team members.

He discusses all the planning and preparation that led up to the shoot, as well as the value of the ‘prelight’ day, which allowed him to come up with the ideal look and feel for the project.

Karl quizzes Barry on his transition from stills photography to filmmaking, and asks what advice he would give to other photographers keen to expand into video.

You’ll be inspired as Barry enthuses about the power of narrative and storytelling in film and emphasises the fact that your creativity is always more important than your equipment.

In this class:

  • Directing a promo film shoot
  • Working to a client brief
  • Working with a large team
  • Overcoming challenges and limitations
  • Transitioning from photography to videography

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