Studio Lighting Demystified: Learn from Karl in Our Male B&W Portrait Photography Workshop

Are you ready to elevate your portrait photography to the next level?

Join our live online workshop with Karl, where he will reveal the secrets of creating stunning and moody black-and-white portraits of male subjects.

Say goodbye to the challenges of studio photography. From working with and posing your model to mastering studio flash and strobe lights, Karl will demystify the process and help you overcome the obstacles that most photographers struggle with.

Learn how to position studio flash to achieve the perfect lighting, choose the right modifiers for the desired style, and optimize your camera and lighting kit for the best results.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced photographer, this workshop is designed to take your skills to new heights.

Imagine creating breathtaking portraits that capture the essence of your subject, with a touch of drama and emotion.

With Karl's expert guidance, you'll gain the knowledge and techniques to transform your portraits into works of art that stand out from the crowd.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to learn from a renowned expert. Register today to access our live workshop and get ready to level up your portrait photography game!

What will you take away from this LIVE workshop?

  • Learn creative lighting techniques for male B&W portraits
  • Overcome challenges in studio photography
  • Master studio flash, strobe lights, and lighting modifiers
  • Optimize camera and lighting kit for best results
  • Ask your questions during the workshop
  • Replay available after event

Thursday 16th November 2023 - 15:00 BST / 10:00 EDT
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