Drop-Tank Fruit Beverage Shoot

In this live workshop, now available to watch as a replay, watch Karl and the team work with a drop tank to capture numerous shots of a beverage can along with various pieces of fruit.

The plan? To composite these shots together in a follow-up live post-production workshop.

You’ll learn about best practices for drop-tank work, including preparation, props and, most importantly, lighting.

As Karl works, he answers several questions from members, further demystifying key aspects of the process.

The studio gets somewhat soaked – but it’s worth it!

In this class:

  • Drop-tank photography tips
  • Lighting techniques for drop-tank photography
  • Props and preparation for drop-tank photography
  • Capturing images for compositing

To see Karl blend together his favourite shots from this session, watch Drop-Tank Fruit Beverage | Post-Production.

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  1. Micah Cox

    Karl, is the acrylic board necessary for things that are too light in weight to make an effective splash? I’m working on athletic supplement packages and the single serve packets are too light to “dive in” I’ve tried to mitigate with small fishing weights glued to the back. Just wondering if you’ve done splash with lightweight items?

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