Dual Lighting Fashion Shoot

Explore the challenges and rewards of a dual lighting setup.

In this fashion photography class, you’ll watch Karl make a succession of adjustments to his lighting setup as he works to balance the global fill illumination and soft ethereal glow on the three square frames with the harder light he needs to direct at the model.

Given their different sizes and positions, and the fact that they are white objects positioned in front of a white backdrop, getting the light on the frames just right requires a lot of trial and error.

Particularly challenging is achieving the necessary dimensionality to make the frames stand out from one another and the cove.

As the shoot progresses, Karl switches to shooting handheld and experiments with different lenses. With model Brit trying different outfits and poses, Karl continues to make adjustments in pursuit of the perfect contrast levels.

What initially begins with one model, three square frames and two fill lights ends up requiring a total of five lights to achieve Karl’s desired result.

What you’ll learn:

  • Combining hard and soft light in fashion photography
  • Creative ideas for fashion photography
  • Lighting setups for fashion photography
  • Styling for fashion photography
  • Shooting handheld fashion photography
  • Working with a fashion model

To see Karl and Tim build the square frames, along with some posing blocks, check out our class on ‘Building Studio Blocks and Frames’.

You might also enjoy ‘A Monochromatic Moment in Time’, another fashion shoot involving the largest of the white frames.

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  1. i enjoyed the shoot and and light control the wooden fames worked so well
    was sorry to see you change you company name after all those years is seem to just blend in with all the other company Karl Taylor stood out , life brings many changes also i had to change my password
    to get onto you today first time ever in all my years , it sorted now and thanks again love the shoot
    thanks Karl

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