EIZO CG318-4K v ASUS ProArt PA32UC Review

Many of you have been asking for a review of the new ASUS ProArt PA32UC monitor, and here it is!

Now I’m a big fan of Eizo monitors, I use the Eizo ColorEdge CG318-4K monitor for all my day-to-day retouching post-production work, so I thought about doing a direct comparison between these two 4K monitors.

Now some of you might say “Well that doesn’t seem quite fair, especially considering the Asus costs about half of what the Eizo does”, but Asus had such confidence in their product that I felt it would be interesting to compare it to a top of the range monitor to really put it to the test.

When Asus approached me to do the review, I told them that my review would be completely honest and that, depending on the monitor, it could be good or bad.

They came back confident, telling me they felt the monitor would stand up well against some tough competition.

That said, let’s get down to the stuff you really want to know…

What does the Asus cost? First of all the key thing here is that this particular ColorEdge CG318-4K monitor comes in at a retail price of about £3,500 (roughly 4400USD) this Asus Pro R comes in at only £1,800 (roughly 2,100USD) (this was at the time of filming). So it is literally half the price of the CG3184K! The EIZO ColorEdge 318-4K is still available (I think), but it’s been upgraded or superseded now by the CG319, which is even more expensive (£4000 / $5000) so there is a big difference in price between these two monitors.

But is there a big difference in quality?

Amazingly no, there isn’t a big quality difference — the Asus monitor is actually superb and I was very, very impressed. But is it as good as the EIZO ColorEdge 318 monitor? It was incredibly close! But you’ll have to watch the video to find out which monitor came out top!

This video also covers some of the key features of the ASUS ProArt PA32UC and why it’s such great value for money.


  1. Hi Karl, just a quick question regarding external monitors. I am thinking about buying a 4K external monitor to be used with my MacBook Pro but my only concern is: isn’t it hard to work on photoshop or other softwares when all the menus become so small? Maybe the question is weird but everything except the image seems extremely small in your video review.

    1. Hi Daniele, yes that’s a good question and the answer is yes it is. However there is a setting in PS in the preferences that helps keep the menus a little bigger on the interface, it’s called ‘UI Font size’ which you can set to large and also choose to scale the UI to the font. If that isn’t enough then you can go into the Mac Display settings in system preferences and choose to ‘scaled’ and adjust there. That way you will still have 4K for the images but all of the menus and fonts get bigger on the display.

  2. What is your point of view on Eizo CG319X vs the Apple Display Pro XDR monitors when it comes to using them for photography and videography editing

    1. Hi I’m afraid I’ve not yet (or am likely) to see the Apple Pro XDR monitor so I can’t compare. It looks great but expensive but I don’t like to speculate or comment on things I’ve never used. I’m sure there will be online reviews that will have comparisons, just make sure they can be trusted!

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