Electric Guitar Product Photography | Post-Production

Watch the full post-production process for our ‘Electric Guitar Product Photography’ shoot as Karl demonstrates the start-to-finish retouching for this product shot.

You’ll see how he combines the different shots taken throughout the shoot before working on details such as smoothing tones and gradients on the body of the guitar, controlling highlights in key areas, correcting and adjusting different colour tones, and cleaning up the background. This class also teaches you how to add a gradient glow on the background if you were unable to do this with lighting during the shoot.

Class objectives:

  • Retouching techniques for product photography
  • Aligning multiple images using Scripts
  • Working with layer masks
  • Creating a black background in Photoshop
  • Creating, saving and loading selections in Photoshop
  • Correcting colour using Curves adjustment layers
  • Adjusting contrast using Curves adjustment layers
  • Adding gradient lighting to a background in Photoshop

Additional classes you may find useful include our Zenith Watch Retouch 2 (watch from 1hr 07m 40s) and Product Retouch Part 1 (watch from 8m 38s), where techniques for cleaning dust and scratches are demonstrated, and our Master the Pen Tool class.

You can watch the full shoot for this image here.

If you have any questions about this class, please post in the comment section below.


  1. Some issue on the image obove 😉 artefacts and not complet backround in black . Just upload new maybe . But very nice shot as always. Amazing Karl !

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