Photographing Fashion on the Coast With Flash Lighting

Learn to harness the forces of nature as you master fashion photography on location.

When you’re working on location, combining natural light with studio flash can produce some creative and eye-catching results. Learn how in this exciting fashion photography class!

Watch Karl and the team brave high winds and challenging tides to capture a truly stunning shot. You’ll learn how to combine natural light with studio flash, how to control ambient light from the setting sun, how to balance multiple lights and how to use specific modifiers to create controlled patches of light in key parts of the shot.

Whether or not you choose to recreate the final image from this class, it will equip and inspire you to push yourself creatively and achieve some really remarkable results.

In this class:

  • How to shoot fashion photography on location
  • How to combine natural light and studio flash
  • How to use filters to adjust exposure
  • Studio lighting setups for photographing on location

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We initially wanted to do this shoot the next day for the best tides, but predicted higher winds meant we had to bring everything forward.

fashion photography on location

Shooting into the setting sun, we were battling dropping tides and strong winds.

During the shoot, we were battling a rapidly outgoing tide and gusty winds, but with fairly clear skies we pushed forward with the shoot. Shooting into the setting sun, I decided to combine natural light and flash to get the best exposure in both the sky and the subject. 

Fashion photography location lighting

Graduated filters and careful control of light allowed for precise control over the final result.

To do this, I had to use graduated filters and adjust the power settings on each of the lights to get the correct exposure.

As the shoot progressed, the sun dropped lower in the sky and the colours improved, which meant I decided to incorporate more natural light in the shot. To do this, I had to adjust my shutter speed and lights accordingly, as you’ll see in the video, to get the final result.

Fashion photography on location

The final fashion image.


  1. Stunning painterly photograph. Is Para 88 necessary? Harder light would little or no differenc eot the final look. Can you do the same with a beauty dish or deep umbrella or P70 or P65 or P45 combo? And what about using speedlites instead of Bankruptcycolor?

    1. Hi, thank you. Yes another modifier such as a beauty dish or deep umbrella would have resulted in similar effects in this situation.

  2. Hi Karl, Beautiful Model and great dress, your settings on your camera and lighting were great, I have only one question: where can I see the process of the photo and if you are using some presets as well, thank you Karl great job!!

  3. Just a quick Q on this superb image Karl. Was the 35mm focal length lens quoted a medium format 35mm (so about 24mm in 35mm format equivalent)? Best, Andrew

    1. Hi Andrew, yes it was a 35mm lens in Medium Format which would be equivalent to about 24mm in 35mm FF.

  4. This photo is quite a story. I can imagine a thousand things looking at this photograph. The process has been very impressive. Excellent team work and your patience and security makes them trust you. Good work.

  5. Tom

    So creative to imagine and then realize such a beautiful almost surreal composition. Stunning result Karl! The dress choice is amazing – it’s hard to tell where the dress stops and rocks begin. The lighting is perfect – it looks so natural. Charis and all the details are illuminated with precision. That sky was just perfect. You could wait a long time for a sky like that – your planning, preparation, and timing were rewarded by the perfect sky. The video and the narrative showcased your work so well.

    Brilliant – a joy to see it come together!

  6. Absolutely beautifully done. The out come of the image is epic. Well done crew and fantastic job Karl for directing everything.

    This is what i call a vision of beauty.

  7. Hello Karl.
    You are truly a genius and I thouroughly enjoy how much I am learning here despite having shot for almost 20 years now.
    Can I ask – in this situation what type of ND you were using and if there is a particular filter brand/system you recommend or endorse?
    Thank you and stay healthy my friend!

    1. Hi, thank you that’s very kind. I use LEE filters, these were the LEE IRND which are about the best ND filters you can buy but they are pricey. Their range of standard glass ND filters are still very good and not as expensive.

  8. This is absolutely gorgeous. I am lost for words at how stunning the whole process folded out into the magnificent final shot.

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