Fast-Flash Jelly Headshots

Go behind the scenes on one of Karl’s craziest (and messiest) shoots EVER.

When Karl decided to poke fun at our modern obsession with perfection by photographing models being splattered with jelly, he suspected it would be an epic project. But it turned out to be even more epic than any of us imagined.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a high-end fashion and beauty shoot combined with very messy (but highly precise) splash photography, you’re sure to find this unique class both entertaining and educational.

Watch Karl and the team develop the concept from blueprints on paper right up to a studio full of lights, modifiers, lasers, medium-format cameras, makeup artists and models – not to mention hundreds of tubs of jelly and a wooden catapult designed and built by KTE Creative Director Tim.

In this photography demonstration, you’ll see Karl double up on key lights, using a Para 133 and Fresnel in tandem to achieve hard, strong shadows. You’ll learn how to use laser triggers to activate your camera with incredible precision. And you’ll cover how to use fast flash duration to freeze motion and capture crystal-clear splash images.

You’ll also get to see Karl himself slapped in the face with jelly as he gives amazing models Cat and Tristan a chance to get their own back!

In this class:

  • Developing and executing complex concepts
  • Combining fashion and beauty with splash photography
  • Using laser triggers
  • Freezing motion with fast flash duration

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  1. David

    Fun video. I think it would have more exact if Tim would have stood just off-set and through to jello at the model… maybe with both hands.

    Also fun to watch the model smile just after they got hit!

  2. How did you set your Scoro S to 1/10,000/s at such high power settings? When I try to do it, power has to be set to .1. Not1.0, but 0.1.

    1. NM. I did a screen cap of the display on your Scoro pack and see that you changed the optimal speed setting. I didn’t know that was possible. Thanks for the glimpse of the Scoro screen! The milk shot was a pain in the neck, in part because I had no idea that I could use a higher power setting with 1/10,000/s speed. Instead, I used 5 lights 2x unilights, 1x picolight, 2x Siros L monolights), all set to minimum power to get the flash speed/power desired. Even so, I had to set my ISO to 200 and 400 (depending on the shot), much higher than I wanted.

      The whole time I was thinking, “in Karl’s video he said, ‘for those with access to a Scoro, this is trivial'”. I wondered what you meant because I didn’t see any way to get the desired flash speed, ISO, and aperture. I would have preferred shooting at f/22 for depth of field, ISO 50 to eliminate grain, and 1/10,000 to eliminate motion blur. Instead, I shot at f/16, ISO 200-400, and 1/7,500.

    2. Hi Apaq, the first question is where did it show it at 1/10,000 on this shoot? For your information though you should be able to get 1/10,000 all the way up to 4.6

      1. I wanted to buy one of these for my system but my dealer said he couldn’t get the laser trigger to fire the Phase One XF. Do you know of a way to do it?

  3. I wonder if using one of those cannons that they shoot T-shirts into the spectators at sports events with would be able to launch a blob of jelly too? Would allow a bit more accuracy if it could, I reckon.

  4. Gary Stasiuk

    Too bad you didn’t shoot any images where the model had a mobile device in hand.. Tristan’s smirk and the thought of a collision was the first thing that came to mind.. brilliant group effort.

  5. Where did you find that type of jelly? Is this a UK product? I have never seen jelly like that. Our jelly comes in jars…. but never like yours. Best to my knowledge….

      1. How stupid of me. I am sorry. Multitasking doesn’t work. My apologies. .. saying jelly when its jello….. 🙂

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