File Structure Selection and Rating

In this Lightroom class Karl looks at some of the key features of Lightroom 6 and teaches you how to use them in order to get the very best from your images.

Lightroom is not only a photo editing software, it’s also a great organisational tool. Karl shows you how to organise, catalogue and tag your images, as well as add ratings to your best images. He then teaches you how to edit your photos in Lightroom, explaining what each of Library, Develop, Map, Book, Slideshow, Print and Web modules can be used for.

This is a quick and thorough overview of how to use Lightroom and its key tools that will have you feeling confident as you navigate through the interface, editing your photos.

In this photography class we cover the following:

  • Photo editing software: Lightroom 6
  • How to use Lightroom 6
  • Lightroom 6 interface and tools
  • How to organise your photos with Lightroom
  • How to rate an image in Lightroom
  • How to create a catalogue in Lightroom

To learn more about the Develop features, please watch the next class.

If you have any questions about this class, please post them in the comment section below ?


    1. Hi Photoshop can do nearly everything LR can and much more. The thing the LR does can do the PS doesn’t is make a catalalouge of your images but I don’t organise my images like this, I prefer my own manual folder/client/project name hierarchy.

  1. I am using LR CC. The interface looks entirely different from what Karl is showing here. I thought this was training for LR CC. ???

    Paige B

    1. Hi Paige, there are various views you can choose for your interface but the principle would be the same.

  2. Karl Taylor, I hope you are well.

    These are unusual times to say the least! I hope you are all keeping well.

    A quick question and who else to ask…

    I recently upgraded to Mac OSX Catalina and Photoshop CC (the most recent one as of today) and when I import my photos both Jpeg and Raw Canon CR2 files, the saturation and contrast is stripped from them both. Also Lightroom seems to dull down the images also both in colour and contrast. Have you experienced this? If so, what is going on please?

    All the best to you,

    Kind regards


    1. Hi James, I’m good thanks I hope you are well too. This is not something I’ve come across, all the saturation levels on my files look the same or normal on import and the same as they did when shooting them in Phocus. I have had some major bugs with Photoshop in the last couple of months and lots of sticking menus, things freezing etc. Yesterday I upgraded CC to the latest version and I’m hoping that will iron out some of the recent problems.

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