Final Music Video

What’s interesting about this particular commission is that it was filmed using using just DSLR cameras in the HD-video mode. This fantastic song by Karl’s friend and singer Colette Falla was filmed using a Canon 5dmk2 and a Canon 7D and just a few lenses. In fact the entire project used just a 24mm, an 85mm, a 50mm and a 70-200mm lenses. For the underwater sequences a Ikelite housing was used which was kindly lent to Karl and the team and for the dolly shots a simple manual slider track created the right look. What Karl loves about the final result is not only the great track and music from Colette but also the professional feel and edit was achieved for the video by not focusing too much on kit but focusing more on good light and ideas for creative concept. As with all good photography that ethos has driven a better result than top end kit combined with minimal creativity.


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