Final Stages of a Still Life Photo: Toxic Egg

After careful planning, lighting and testing, Karl is finally ready to shoot the final image for his Toxic Egg still life photo.

In the final chapter of this four-part series, everything comes together for a seamless shoot, as Karl captures a near-perfect replica of his original idea.

Briefly recapping each part of the process, Karl explains the final steps of this shoot before taking a look at the final images and talking through how he’ll edit some of the shots together to get the final image.

Class objectives:

  • How to do still life photography
  • Still life photography ideas
  • Lighting techniques for still life photography

If you missed the first parts of this shoot you can see the full planning, lighting, and testing, along with more still life shoots in our still life photography section.

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  1. jeahn

    This was an absolutely brilliant series 😍 Loved every aspect and the care put into every detail. You’re s true inspiration, Karl! Thank you. Missing seeing Fabian as well ❀️

  2. Glad I watched this tutorial. With the weekly challenge being an β€œegg(s)”…
    I actually cam up with 4 ideas. :0)
    Thank you!

  3. Thank you for this still life Karl, I watched it twice now. I am getting a lot of inspiration here.

    I am going to invest in Broncholor lights for my studio, and I think picolites will be on my list, but to find them in South Africa seems to be impossible.

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